Forelands Business Consultancy - Isle of Wight


Do you carry out market research? Are you making or selling the same products and services that you have always made or sold? Do you have a marketing plan? If the answer to any of these questions is no, then you need our services.

Let a professional, with many years marketing experience, analyse your range of products or services. We will advise you where your products or services sit within the product life cycle, and help you get the best feedback about your products or services to ensure that you are always providing your customers with what they want.

We will examine your pricing structure and determine if the prices you are charging are the most effective for your business while bearing in mind the prices of your competitors.

Your promotional activities are vital to your business success. We will look at this aspect of your marketing in detail and devise an effective promotional plan of action.

How do you deliver your products or services to your customers? How efficient is this process? Your place and means of operation may not need to change to be effective, but there may be alternatives that you have not considered.

We will also look at other aspects of marketing such as the effectiveness of your staff. We will report on their skills and training, and how well they represent your business in their interactions with other members of staff, management, suppliers and clients.

Finally we will look at how your company is perceived and the image you portray.

You will receive a comprehensive written marketing plan that we can help you amend and update as circumstances dictate for:

"The professional service with the personal touch"

For further information or to arrange a consultation please contact Mike Jukes
Telephone: 01983 873290
Mobile: 07791 530498