Short & Long Term Business Consultancy Contracts

Is your business failing to reach its full potential? Is it difficult for you to discover the magic formula that will take you to the next level? Perhaps you are so closely involved in the day to day running of the business that you can't see the wood for the trees.

If this sounds like you, let a professional with a proven track record in business caste his eyes over your operations and give you a written report on how you can improve your performance and competitiveness. Very often there are simple solutions to the problems and small changes to the way the business is run can lead to big improvements in profitability.

Contracts can be from as little as one day. Sometimes the problems may take several days to solve. Many business owners want ongoing support to keep them ahead of the game. This may lead to a contract of say one day per week for up to twelve months and then renewable annually.

All recommendations are supported by a written report. For contracts in excess of one month we would provide interim reports. Progress is monitored in all the areas targeted for improvement to ensure that the recommendations are successful. Although it is not something we can guarantee we find that in most cases the cost of the consultancy is far exceeded by the increase in profitability making it a win/win situation.

So whether it is a one off consultation or a long term commitment Forelands Financial Consultancy can provide the answers you need by offering:

"The professional service with the personal touch"

For further information or to arrange a consultation please contact Mike Jukes
Telephone: 01983 873290
Mobile: 07791 530498